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Be Kind Patch

Be Kind Patch


Hand screen-printed 195gsm cotton fabric patch with embroidered overlocked border and iron-on backer for easy application designed for the badass plant-based people around the world.

80 x 80mm

Free UK shipping.

These are also stocked at my wonderful friends Humblest of Pleasures in Hebden Bridge.


Application Instructions - Please read this or you might fuck it up:

- Turn your iron to a heat setting of around 170ºC

- Place your patch in the desired position on to the garment and cover with a clean cloth (DO NOT IRON DIRECTLY ON TO THE PATCH)

- Press the iron straight down for 10 seconds. 

- Turn the garment inside out and repeat step 3 on the reverse. 

- The Heatseal film achieves its full adhesive force after 48 hours and will adhere to most fabrics. Fabrics containing cotton will have the best results

- For over-kill durability it is recommended to sew the patch onto your garment too.

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